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Passionately stubborn and endlessly curious.

I am a creative and ambitious teamplayer who loves designing for and with people.

I'm a Communicator.

When designing for people,  I believe involving them in the process at the right time is important for producing quality work. I enjoy it when communication is at the center of a process, for example by translating user needs into design solutions with real-world value.

I have a genuine interest in communication. I have grown to learn how to communicate visually, through the lens of photography. Communicating a feeling, a story or data, whether in photography or in design, is what drives me. I see both communication as an end goal and communication as a means as possible approaches to enhance the connection between people. Improving communication in itself and offering support around communication is something I really like working on.


I'm a Team player.

On a design team, I am a team player who is always open to learn and explore. When working on a project, I keep the overview and bring multiple perspectives together to lift the project to the best possible end goal. I am very capable of working with others, building on the work of others, and sharing accomplishments. At the same time, I can be trusted to do my job and take responsibility. I am hard working, detail-focused, and self-driven.

my vision on Design

The connection between people is what I believe makes us human. I believe that connection is disappearing from our daily lives, in both quality and quantity. I see the disappearance of both intense, meaningful interactions, and the brief, seemingly less significant ones as part of a bigger culture shift towards reliance on technology. 
People are increasingly more attentive to their phones, the data around them, and their social media presence than they are engaging in the world around them. I believe that as designers, we have the responsibility to design products and services that do not further stimulate individualization. 

Data is becoming increasingly more prominent in people’s everyday lives. I see the need to acknowledge this as designers and design with data in mind. Within a world that is increasingly relying on technology, I consider the role of the designer to be the human aspect that appreciates the way people interact and see the importance of qualitative human interaction. I am passionate about working towards a future where data and technology do not limit and reduce quality communication and social interaction between people, but rather be tools to enhance and improve communication. 

To contribute to a future where communication is central, I believe that a people-first approach should be leading in any design process. We must dedicate time and resources to understand and draw a comprehensive picture of the people we are designing for and only then, can we attempt to create design solutions that aim to create real-world value for real-world people.

The Future

What's Next?

On the hunt for a new challenge

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2022 - Present | Work Experience

It's All in the Game

From final master project to bringing the game into the real world

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2022 - Present | Work Experience

Coordinator - 3x3 Unites

Community building in Eindhoven with 3x3 basketball as a tool

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2022 - 2023 | Work Experience

Hybrid Teacher

Being an external teacher and coach for students from the Industrial Design department at Eindhoven University of Technology

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2020 - 2022 | Master of Science

MSc - Industrial Design

A deep dive on design research methods and a focus on design for communication

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2021 - 2022 | Work Experience / Master of Science

Squad Assistant

Branding the squad, improving communication & community building, focus on bringing our work to the commercial world

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2021 | Work Experience / Master of Science

Teaching Assistant

Helping students with the technical & creative components of a course called 'Design for Games & Play'

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2017 - 2020 | Work Experience


From nightlife photography to team lead to head of product

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2016 - Present | Work Experience

Freelance Photography

Combining my growing photography skillset with my love for concept development to create real world value for my clients, while growing as an entrepreneur

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2018 | Work Experience / Bachelor of Science

Edhv, Architects of Identity

Learning how to deal with deadlines, real world problems and vague project descriptions

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2015 - 2018 | Bachelor of Science

BSc - Industrial Design

Exploring the basic principles of design, self directed learning and how to run a design project

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2024 | continuous growth & improvement

3D design, modelling & production

Exploring prototype options and production techniques

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