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From 2024, I'm on the hunt for a new challenge that will allow me to learn new skills, push my design abilities to the next level, and work on projects that make a real difference in our world. I'm passionate about all things sustainable (in the widest sense), data-driven design, and user-focused methodologies. And let's not forget about the team – a vibrant and fast-paced group of designers is my idea of a dream team!

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What truly drives me in the world of design is the vision of a future where data and technology amplify rather than hinder quality communication and social interaction. I aspire to be part of projects that harness these tools to enhance human connection.

Central to my approach is a people-first mindset. I firmly believe that understanding and empathizing with the end-users is the cornerstone of effective design. By dedicating time and resources to  comprehending the needs and aspirations of the people we design for, we can craft solutions that create genuine real-world value.

In terms of the ideal work environment, I thrive when I have the space and trust to execute my tasks efficiently and independently. Simultaneously, I value a supportive network where I can seek guidance when needed. Working alongside skilled team members who complement each other's strengths is essential for me. I believe that in such an environment, we can truly shine and produce exceptional work that makes a lasting impact.

In summary, my next career step is all about pushing the boundaries of design, combining my passion for humane technology, data-driven insights, and people-centric methodologies. I'm eager to collaborate with a vibrant and fast-paced team, creating innovative solutions that make a genuine difference in the world.

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