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Community building in Eindhoven with 3x3 basketball as a tool

In my work for 3x3 Unites I take on the challenge of expanding the current network and reach of 3x3 Unites to the south of the country. In Eindhoven, we start by raising a local community of youth willing to make a difference with (3x3) basketball as a tool. We give them the tools and support to expand their reach, grow their community and be supportive to their peers, especially those in need of a little extra interaction and care.

2022 - Present | Work Experience
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Project Summary

The Leader Course

The 3x3 leader course is part of the programme that Unites runs country wide. The course consists of 8 weeks of trainings in which we teach the local youth a set of lifeskills through basketball. We focus on skills like responsibility, communication, selfreflection, teambuilding and discipline, amongst many others. After finishing their leader course, this group of leaders will be the foundation of our local basketball community.

Building a Hub From Scratch

Expanding the 3x3 Unites brand, mission and vision to the city of Eindhoven requires building a wide network of likeminded people, companies and brands in the area. Building bridges, finding the right connections. Telling our story again and again until everyone knows about it. Making the community grow in size and impact and making Eindhoven the new 3x3 hub of the south.

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