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Community building in Eindhoven with 3x3 basketball as a tool

As an avid basketball enthusiast, I had the chance to connect with 3x3 Unites a while ago, simply to rent their courts for an event in Eindhoven. However, little did I know that this connection would turn into something much more meaningful. Fast forward to now, and I have experienced a Pro League stop, a World Tour, and met countless individuals who share the same love and energy for basketball as I do.

2022 - Present | Work Experience
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Project Summary

As a member of the 3x3 Unites team, I have taken on the exciting challenge of expanding the organization's network and reach in the south of the country, starting with Eindhoven. Through my role, I am committed to fostering a community of young individuals who are passionate about making a difference through basketball. By providing them with the tools and support to grow and develop their own communities, I am focused on instilling a sense of teamwork, ownership, leadership, and growth.

• Strategic Stakeholder Alignment: Successfully balanced youth participant’s objectives while ensuring tangible results, enhancing project impact

• Partnership Cultivation: Proven ability to connect with external parties, expanding project influence and fostering meaningful collaborations to achieve shared goals

• Visual Communication Proficiency: Adept in creating engaging visuals, effectively conveying the essence of 3x3 basketball to diverse audiences

About 3x3 Unites
At 3x3 Unites, we believe in embracing the small things to bring about significant change. Since its establishment in 2016, our organization has inspired and supported young individuals in pursuing their dreams, making a positive impact on their lives and the world around them. With 3x3 basketball as our tool, we aim to empower individuals to take ownership of their success by inspiring them through our top athletes and events, as well as utilizing our knowledge to develop both the sport and the public spaces in which we play.

One example of our approach is the Leader Course, an 8-week program designed to teach local youth essential life skills through basketball. With a focus on fostering responsibility, communication, self-reflection, team building, and discipline, among other skills, this course helps to create a foundation of leaders who will be an integral part of our local basketball community.

My Role
As someone who works closely with the leaders, my role involves balancing their wishes while ensuring that their voices are heard and that we are delivering tangible results that are worth supporting. Additionally, I work to connect with other parties in Eindhoven and collaborate to expand our projects' impact and reach. Essentially, I am building a hub from scratch, expanding the 3x3 Unites brand, mission, and vision to make Eindhoven the new 3x3 hub of the south.

Additionally I've been part of the content & communication team, where next to a role as a photographer, I took responsibility around creating visuals that explain 3x3 as a sport to people not yet familiar with it. I took on a producer role around social media content to promote the work we've been doing in Eindhoven and had the lead in producing videos that tell our Eindhoven story.

All in all, I am excited to be a part of this innovative organization and to be making a difference in the lives of young individuals in Eindhoven and beyond, one basketball court at a time.

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