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As a former student of the department of Industrial Design, I was offered the opportunity to continue working with the department as a Hybrid Teacher. In this capacity, I collaborated with three other Hybrid Teachers to develop and implement engaging learning activities related to the topic of games and play within the context of our squad.

2022 - 2023 | Work Experience
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Project Summary

The department of Industrial Design is structured around squads, which are small educational units that focus on specific topics. Academic staff and Hybrid Teachers work together within each squad to create a productive and dynamic learning environment for both bachelor and master students. Students have the freedom to choose their own squad based on their interests and the squad's area of expertise.

In my role as a hybrid teacher, I felt my responsibility to focus on stimulating user-centered design practices. I strongly believe in involving the user in the design process from the outset, and I encourage my students to do the same. Additionally, I have developed a workshop for the students that focuses on procedural rhetoric, framing, storytelling, and communication of project goals to the outside world. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with my students and helping them to develop their skills in these critical areas.

Overall, my experience as a Hybrid Teacher in the games and play squad allowed me to hone my teaching and communication skills while also furthering my knowledge of user-centered design and procedural rhetoric.

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& how the project relates to my professional identity and vision.