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work as a teacher and coach for TU/e

After my studies within the department, I got offered to stay on board as a hybrid teacher. In this role, I work with 3 other hybrid teachers to organize learning activities within the context of our squad on the topic of games & play.

2022 - Present | Work Experience
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Project Summary

The department of Industrial Design consists of squads, where every squad has their own topic. Within these squads -which can be seen as small educational units-,academic staff and hybrid teachers work together to create a fruitful learning environment for both bachelor and master students. The students have the freedom to pick their own squad and therefor will have an interest in the specific topic the squad has knowledge to offer on.

As a hybrid teacher within games and play I focus on stimulating user centered design and push for the students to get their user involved in the process from the start. I happily share my knowledge on procedural rhetoric and designed a workshop for the students around the framing, storytelling and communication off your project and its goals to the outside world.

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Reflection Highlights

& how the project relates to my professional identity and vision.