MSc - Industrial Design

Master of Science

During my Master’s in Industrial Design, I gained valuable skills and experience that consistently emphasized the role of communication in enhancing people’s lives.
Throughout my Master’s journey, my commitment has been to enhance communication and bridge the divide between technology and genuine human connection. Each project has contributed to the development of my skills and a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of design in our lives.

2020 - 2022 | Master of Science
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Max Birk

Project Summary

Design Research Project

I delved into the intricate world of family dynamics affected by video game usage. I conducted interviews with family members, meticulously analyzed the insights, and unearthed the reasons behind conflicts and tension. This was then translated into a design advice with the aim to reduce tension in households of video game users.

Teaching about AI for High School Students

I undertook the challenge of demystifying artificial intelligence for high school students. I crafted an educational tool, a “cube” as we called it, realized through 3D printing and build up of actuators and sensors, filled with interactive challenges that illustrated the workings of AI, Machine Learning, and Language Models. Striking the balance between simplicity for young minds and accuracy in conveying AI concepts demanded creativity and technical finesse.

Data-Driven Design and Habit Improvement

Through data-enabled design I delved into data interpretation, visualization, and programming using a Raspberry Pi. Here, I honed my ability to design interventions rooted in data.

Final Master Project - Fostering empathy through board game design

In the culmination of my Master’s experience, I embarked on a meaningful project titled “It’s All in the Game.” Here, I created a board game with a powerful message – raising awareness and empathy for children facing chronic diseases. This endeavor encompassed extensive literature research, co-design with the user group, and mastering the art of translating reallife concepts into engaging game mechanics. Rigorous playtesting ensured a seamless and impactful gameplay experience. After graduation, I continued on this. The designed game solution and the accompanying thesis as a final master project at Eindhoven University of Technology were awarded an 8.5

After graduation, the project is continued with a work in progress paper for CHI PLAY and the continued development of the game and its mechanics. The aim is to bring the game to production, with the goal that every CF patient will receive an edition of the game upon turning 13 years old. More on this in the project It's All in the Game

Relevant Skills

• Strategic use of communication in design projects
• Qualitative research and thematic analysis
• Designing solutions for societal well-being
• Innovative concept development
• Procedural communication design
• Co-Design and creative problem solving techniques

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Reflection Highlights

& how the project relates to my professional identity and vision.