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Branding the squad, improving communication & community building
2021 - 2022 | Work Experience / Master of Science
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Project Summary

During the second year of my masters, I worked as a squad assistant for the Games & Play squad, where I was responsible for some of the communication and team building with the students and staff. Additionally, the main goal I had here was to brand and promote the squad externally as well as internally. Build up a way for others to see what the group is up to, connect to innovators and knowledgeable people from the commercial world and keep in touch with graduates and ex-teachers. In short, show ourselves and all we have to offer to the world and spread the word.

To have a look at the Games & Play website - click here

During my time as a squad assistant for the Games & Play squad, I also took on the project of developing and shooting a consistent new set of portraits in line with the squad branding. I worked on creating two series of portraits: one set of normal, widely usable 'linkedin' portraits, and one set of photos that students could use when posting about their graduation.

This project allowed me to showcase my skills in portrait photography, creativity, and attention to detail. It was an excellent opportunity to put my passion and expertise in photography to use while contributing to the squad's overall success.

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Lieke has supported the Games and Play squad beyond expectations, and I could not have hoped for a better squad assistant. Besides the weekly work in the squad, she has developed the visual style of the squad, organized, and held workshops, run a weekly bachelor’s colloquium, photographed several events, created a portrait series, designed, and implemented our website, and organized the squad’s demo day. Her outstanding commitment to the quality of our education, the atmosphere in the squad, and the presentation of the squad itself has been instrumental to form Games and Play into the lively squad that it is today.

Max Birk, Squad Leader Games & Play

Reflection Highlights

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