Photography, Team Lead, Head of Product

2017 - 2020 | nightlife photographer

2019 - 2020 | team lead

2019 - 2020 | head of product

2017 - 2020 | Work Experience
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Project Summary

I started out my photography carreer with Wildschieters. In my first 1.5 years, I worked as a nightlife photographer and took on all the hours of shooting that I could. Long nights and challenging work conditions made it that there's not much you can throw my way that would startle me.

After my start as a photographer, I took on the role of team lead to fill the shoes of the person who had taught me everything I knew about photography up until then. I was now responsible for the satisfaction of all of our local clients and the working conditions of my team.

Shortly after, I got involved with the brand and product on a company level and joined the founder of Wildschieters in the office for a couple days a week. My focus here was on rebranding Wildschieters from not just a group of nightlife photographers, but adding a whole new layer to the brand image, where food photography and a classier type of photography belonged. The type of photographer that a high end restaurant or event organizer would be happy to work with, was one of my main challenges during my time at Wildschieters.

Head of Product

During my time at Wildschieters, one of the things I focussed on was managing the photo product. How to stay relevant with our services in a rapidly changing market. With social media platforms and its popularity constantly shifting, my job was to figure out a way to keep the company and its services relevant.

To do this, I re-designed the product to a monthly service. I was responsible for the whole thing, from start to end. The concept to start off with, all the way to things like print work (e.g. flyers, booklets), a new website, client sales and an internal communication platform for the entire Wildschieters team.

Additionally, I held myself responsible for the quality of our product. I kept an eye on anyone shooting a new or tougher client, gave out feedback where wanted or needed and set up a whole new food photography division. This included giving presentations and joining courses from food oriented MBO educational programmes as guest lecturer.

Team Lead

As a team leader for the Eindhoven team of photographers I was responsible for the planning of the team, communication with the local clients and quality control. It was my job to acquire the client's wishes and translate these to a briefing the photographers in the team could work with, to balance out the demands of all the local clients with the availability of photographers on that specific day and to make sure that all the delivered photo sets were up to par with our quality standards.

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