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Combining photography and concept development to create real world value for my clients

As a freelance photographer, I combine my skills in photography and concept development to create real-world value for my clients. After graduating from my Bachelor programme in Industrial Design, I took the plunge to fully rely on my own company, which I had started during my studies.

2016 - Present | Work Experience
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Very enjoyable, but miss working on complex issues with likeminded people

Project Summary

During the 1.5 years between my bachelor's and master's education, I dedicated my time to refining my skills as a photographer, entrepreneur, and retoucher. By combining my expertise in photography with my passion for concept development, I am equipped to bring a unique perspective to each project.

In my work, I collaborate closely with clients to explore new ideas and bring them to life. Drawing on my background in industrial design, I ensure that each project reaches its full potential and that no detail is overlooked. I always aim to exceed expectations and will not settle for anything less.

Some people might struggle with constantly switching tasks and projects, but for me, it keeps things exciting and my motivation levels high. Day to day, week to week, I'm always up for a new challenge.

On this page, you will find just a small selection of work. For more of an idea of the kind of photography I like to bring into the world, check the photographer side of my portfolio.

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“Onze favoriete, loyale en creatieve huisfotograaf. Pakt niet alleen de camera bij de hoorns, maar ook de spreekwoordelijke koe. Lieke weet als geen ander het totaalplaatje op 1 kiek vast te leggen. Een totaalplaatje dat overeenkomt met hetgeen een bedrijf wil vertegenwoordigen. Lieke betrekt het hele team bij the making of, luistert en kijkt verder... Lieke’s ‘keuken’ is sterwaardig. Er gaat niks de deur uit zonder perfectie. Haar vermogen om commerciële en bruikbare beelden te maken waar ieder horeca ondernemer even stil van wordt is fantastisch, nog fijner is haar persoonlijkheid. Eerlijk, vriendelijk, meedenkend en verbindend.” - Kara, Eindhovens Rondje

Kara Ernest, Eindhovens Rondje

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& how the project relates to my professional identity and vision.