Edhv, Architects of Identity

Bachelor Internship

From September 2017 till December 2017, I spent my time as an intern at Edhv, based in Eindhoven

An internship at a graphic design company was the obvious choice for me. As a creator, I love to make things, especially things that are visually pleasing. However, my love for design is extremely broad. I have an interest in almost any form of design and I would love to work in a multidisciplinary design team. In this half a year, I have tried to focus on some of the things that interest me most; graphics, illustration, visual communication, photography and typography.

2018 | Work Experience / Bachelor of Science
Related fields
Graphic Design, Communication Design, Visual Storytelling, Photography
Coached by
Peter Peters, Remco van der Craats

Project Summary

Coming into the studio, from day one I was challenged. I was told to ‘let go’ and just let things happen. To stop trying to control. I learned a lot during my time at Edhv, a lot of which I did not see coming.

I now have a whole new idea of when something is done. I have learned to be more open, don’t judge, listen carefully. I can learn from new and different work methods. Working under serious pressure reveals who you really are, even to yourself. Collaborating creates beautiful results but the process can be quite tough. And, last but not least, I learned to deal with non clear project descriptions. Just try to explore and let go of the idea that you do not have enough to go on. Letting go a bit in general was quite an eye opener for me, being a bit of a control freak.

Next to this, I worked on a lot of interesting projects, in which I developed knowledge and skills. In my 16 weeks at Edhv, I worked on at least 10 different projects. Ranging from research based projects to projects focused on graphic design to coding related work.

I learned to look at things differently, learn from different approaches and use the best parts of them. I gained skills and knowledge on different softwares, on code languages and on design processes. I have observed and learned from the studio hierarchy, rules and inner workings. I have seen how a real studio deals with real clients. Most importantly, I have participated in one, successfully.

Overall, I met all my goals set before the internship. Getting used to working within a company, meeting deadlines, dealing with clients, all of this was part of my time at Edhv.

I worked in a multidisciplinary team, developing as a photographer. I could even combine a photo assignment through my own company with working for an Edhv client.

I know for sure now that I want to continue in the design field, preferably in the area of visual communication. Getting to know this was one of the main reasons for choosing this internship. This realization is important for the continuation of my studies from here on.

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“Lieke produced and contributed to many aspects of the design projects and output. She was able to immerse herself in the working methods of Edhv, which are largely based on visual research, critical discourse and reflection. Lieke actively took part in our weekly presentations, presenting her projects and progress for feedback. She was present at many presentations in our studio providing feedback and critical relfections. Lieke had no trouble dealing with our planning and was capable to self plan and take responsibility where needed.”

Remco van der Craats, Creative Director Edhv

Reflection Highlights

& how the project relates to my professional identity and vision.