Who am I?

About me as a designer

My Identity

I am a creative person that loves to learn new things. I am curious and headstrong and I pick up new things pretty fast. I think these are all traits that I could use very well in my future as a designer.

I have chosen to study Industrial Design because I like the combination of technology and creativity it allows. I like to learn the technical things that offer me support for projects and courses later on in the study. Next to that, I am also interested in the creative things, like graphic design, aesthetics, form giving and all the different ways to come up with ideas.

Before starting this study, I thought about doing a study in Graphic Design. In the end, I did not choose to do this, because it is so specific and non-technical, but it still is something I am very interested in.

My inspiration comes from a lot of different places. I am the kind of person that could just see something happening on my way home on the bicycle and come to a design concept because of it. One thing that interests me in particular is the psychology behind choices people make, and the psychology behind design, and how it can influence people and their behavior.

My Vision

I see the world as a place where there is a lot of room for technology and progress. Although I see it this way, I also think it is important to keep things balanced, and make sure we don’t get lost in all the technology. There is less and less contact between people in real life and I think this is something to work on and keep an eye on.

Seeing my grandmother wither away so very fast in the nursing home she is currently in made this vision even stronger for me. There is so little contact left between her and her family, which makes her miserable. I know this happens a lot nowadays and I think that we need to question if this is what we want. Do we want or mothers, fathers and grandparents to live their last year(s) in misery?

I think real contact between people is very important, and I would like my designs to contribute to this.

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