I look forward to next year. I want to make sure I work on the competency business and entrepreneurship. I will do this by incorporating this into my project and look into previous projects that already did this. This is because I want my competencies to all be at a certain minimum, which I believe I have not reached yet for this particular competency. Of course, I also look forward to work on the competencies that I feel are already on that minimum level. As said in my vision, I am a curious person and I like to learn new things.
As an elective, I chose to do Exploratory sketching. This is because of my interest in drawing and graphic design but also because I expect to learn in this elective, how to show people what I see in my head when I think of a new design. Although Joep already thought me how to do this in 3D in his elective Cardboard Modeling, I think is course could make me even better at that.
Another elective I will dive into next year is Visual Communication Design. Because of my interest and passion for graphic design, this seems to be something I would love to learn about. Next to this elective, I will also see if I can join the UNiD. At first, that would be to take my passion for photography to a next level, but I would also like to see how the graphic team of the UNiD works, and I hope to learn some things on graphics from them as well.